Thermal Transfer Overprinting

Thermal Transfer printing provides high-quality thermal transfer over-coding on flexible packaging and is ideal for packaging and  manufacturing environments that  use flow wrappers, form fill & seal packaging machines as well as label applicators.

Domino V-Series

Domino’s V-Series range of Thermal Transfer Overprint (TTO) coders can print variable data, barcodes and images at 300dpi quality onto flexible packaging films and labels for a wide range of manufacturing and packaging applications in the food, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

Thermal transfer is already a well established technology for coding onto flexible packaging yet through superior capability and technological advances that make it more affordable, it is also now gaining widespread recognition as a replacement to older, non digital technologies including hot stamp and roller coders.

The V-Series range comprises 3 models (V120iV230i and V320i) to suit your specific coding needs but, compared to alternative TTO solutions, all offer you reduced Total cost of ownership (TCO) through reduced downtime, reduced consumable use, operational simplicity and improved coding capability.

This added value has been delivered through i-Tech, (Domino’s Intelligent Technology) which has been developed with over 20 years of TTO experience and has resulted in unique innovations such as our i-Tech Ribbon Drive and our class leading QuickStep user interface.

These benefits combined with versatility and simple installation, ensure V-Series is the perfect choice whether you are a manufacturer or packaging machinery OEMs.

Product summary and key-points

Domino Thermal Transfer (TTO) printers can print variable text (in any, easy to read, true type font), graphics, bar codes and 2D codes on packaging films, foils and labels to enable pack specific identification and decoration. They offer a wide range of additional  benefits:

  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership – through i-Tech features offering reduced ribbon consumption and minimised downtime
  • Simple, error free operation – through QuickStep, the industry leading User interface
  • Simple integration – allows quick and efficient installation or replacement of existing TTO coders
  • Compact – Smallest foot print, allows for installation on existing brackets
  • Versatile Performance – allows a perfect match your application

Industry leaders in Thermal Transfer Solutions throughout Malaysia

Domino V120i

Domino V230i

Domino V320i