Why choose the Ax-Series?

Speed, accuracy and the ability to perform in tough and varied environments give our revolutionary Ax-Series printers a leading edge. An industry breakthrough, our new generation of ink drop technology gives you gains in ink usage, droplet accuracy and placement at traditional print speeds. Our class-leading i-Pulse system allows you to rapidly print high-contrast, durable messages and multiple lines at the fastest possible speeds, while our i-Pulse  inks adhere to anything – even after the toughest post-print processes.

Quite simply, Continuous Inkjet technology is by far the best option for coding application. It is fast, durable, easy to operate, simple to install and, best of all, is extremely versatile: it can print on virtually any surface. And as we are the undisputed leaders in Continuous Inkjet coding and printing – having set the industry standard for quality, reliability and versatility for over 30 years – we can provide a printing solution that’s exactly right for your needs.


Domino Ax-Series

Continuous Ink Jet

Domino’s A-Series Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers offer proven performance and reliability when printing small characters onto a wide variety of substrates. The A-Series industrial inkjet coder can print text, graphics and variable data to fulfil product identification, serialisation, date coding and other tracking and traceability needs

Key Benefits

Domino Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers can print easy to read text and graphics to enable product identification on a wide variety of substrates including: food, glass and plastic to metals and rubbers.

Domino A-Series ink jets offer a wide range of benefits:

  • High speed printing – keeps up with the fastest production environments
  • Versatile – Can print on almost anything
  • Flexible – Easily moved from one position to another
  • Non-contact printing  – enables uneven and flexible surfaces to be coded
  • Superior print head technology provides better drop placement and print quality
  • Automatic self-cleaning print head. This ensures that the print nozzle stays unobstructed, even on frequent start-stop production lines

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