Outer Case Coders

Domino C-Series range of outer case coders, software and ancillaries provides sustainable solutions to meet the needs of manufacturers: delivering increased productivity, flexibility and profitability while meeting the requirements of the whole supply chain. C-Series coders offer cost effective coding on outer case packaging, resulting in improved inventory management.

For simple and cost-effective alphanumeric coding, Domino’s C7 and C16 printers offer an extremely reliable solution. Based on Drop on Demand valve jet technology valve-jet technology, these printers are simple to install, use and maintain.

Large Character Coding

Modular, versatile, high resolution ink jet printer

The C-Series high resolution piezo printer provides marking solutions for the identification, traceability and graphic personalisation of porous substrates such as cardboard boxes, trays and bags. Printhead sizes from 17.5 to 70mm are available to provide high resolution graphics, barcodes and alphanumeric codes at class leading speeds. A remote head option increases coding flexibility, simplifying integration into production lines.

With the remote option up to 4 print heads can be run from one centralised ink supply and inks can be replenished in a safe and convenient location away from print heads and moving items. An industry leading 2l large ink system and economical ink consumption minimise consumable changes; additionally bottles can be replenished while the production line is running. At 33W and no factory air required, the Domino C-Series is also a cost effective solution. For factory integration and automation the C-Series can be installed on networks with centralised management control.Message design is convenient with our class leading QuickDesign software, which also enables compliancy to European food labeling regulations.

The print head of the uses Drop On Demand (DOD) technology. This technology combined with Domino inks guarantees high-definition printing and excellent contrasts. At speeds up to 54 m/min a resolution of at least 200 dpi is achieved producing high contrast print logos and graphics directly onto cartons, as well as excellent quality barcodes. Domino has developed class leading inks for high contrast, food packaging safety and reduced carbon footprint, including mineral oil free ink and a variety of colour options.

Product summary and key-points

  • Proven valve-jet technology ensures maximum up-time
  • Clean and simple industrial design with integrated print head bracket and photocell, fully sealed ink containers reduce risk of mess and leaks
  • Integrated user interface with simple keyboard layout and LCD display
  • Programmable time and date codes, shift codes and sell-by dates, real-time product counting and password protection for operational control
  • Simply requires power, no factory air necessary
  • Water based inks available in a choice of black, red, blue and green

For Large Character Coding Solutions

Domino C-Series

Domino C-Series PLUS