Thermal Ink jet printers


For high-quality, high-speed printing of 1D & 2D codes, text and graphics on porous and nonporous substrates using Thermal Ink Jet printing technology. The Domino G-Series Thermal ink jet systems have the ability to print with solvent or water based fluids onto a variety of substrates.

The Domino G-Series i-Tech is flexible, easy to integrate into your production line and designed for high resolution printing at fast line speeds. The modular printhead design can grows with your coding requirement. Each controller can manage four individually operating print heads on multiple production lines or combined to print high impact messages.

Key Benefits 

  • High quality complex codes up to 600dpi
  • High speed coding up to 300m/min
  • Clean, maintenance free, reliable printing
  • Multi-substrate fast drying inks
  • Range of print heights from 12.7mm to 50.4mm

Case Coding with the G20i

Simple to install. Simple to configure. Simple to code.

Thermal Inkjet printer providing a simple, single sided case coding solution.

A fit-and-forget printer which is easy to install, intuitive to use and ideally suited to meet the requirements for high resolution coding on outer packages.

  • Impressively small: perfect fit on any line
  • Domino developed inks
  • Superb quality at minimal cost

Product summary and key-points

  • High speed / resolution printing that keeps up with the fastest production environments.
  • Easy to use printer with minimal training required to set up, operate and maintain.
  • Clean, minimal amounts of ink used per code, many food packaging inks available within the range.
  • Superior print head technology provides exact drop placement and high print quality using our Water and Ethanol based inks.

Industry leaders in Thermal Ink Jet Solutions throughout Malaysia.

Products Brochures

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