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The Cable and extrusion sector normally look for sequential numbering or meter marking for cable and pipes. The print usually needs to be of good quality and semi permanent or permanent. The cable industry requires high speed printers that are capable of accurate meter marking and printing identification information on to the cable during the manufacturing process. Pipe extruding companies normally look for larger print heights that are preferably permanent.

Our solutions are well suited to this industry with some of the fastest, most reliable and effective systems available making them the preferred choice for coding and marking for many OEM’s and multi national companies around the world.

Continuous Ink Jet Coding (CIJ)

Ink jet coders are a very versatile, proven solution for meter marking and product identification cable and extruded pipe product and packaging. The Domino A-Series XS is one of the fastest printers on the market. Specialist CE inks are available for greater adhesion and colors suitable for your production line

Global leading ink jet coding technology, The Domino A-Series offers performance, value, and versatility that reduces cost of ownership by maximizing up time and intelligent ink management system. Built on over 35 years of experience and strong R & D practices, the Domino A-Series is the bench mark of Industrial ink jet coders preferred by many well known, international and local OEM’s and Multi National Companies.

  • PinPoint technology – Small easy to read codes even at 0.8mm in print height
  • XS technology – High speed printing whilst maintaining good print quality
  • Cable and Extrusion specific ink for greater adhesion and in various colours
  • Non-contact printing – Enables uneven and flexible surfaces to be coded
  • Superior print head technology – Provides better drop placement and print quality
  • Automatic self-cleaning print head – Ensures that the print nozzle stays unobstructed, even on frequent start-stop production lines
  • Spill proof ink and solvent cartridges

Thermal Ink Jet Printing (TIJ)

Utilizing the familiar HP type ink cartridge in an industrial application. Domino formulates its own inks to address industry specific requirements and applications.

Specialized for high-resolution printing, Domino’s thermal ink jet printers G-Series has many benefits to offer the cable and extrusion industry from 2D codes for higher track and trace capabilities, to simple cost efficient carton and box printing. This is a relatively new sector for this technology which has become available thanks to huge improvements on solvent based inks that adhere to most plastics

  • High speed / resolution printing that keeps up with the fastest production environments.
  • Clean, minimal amounts of ink used per code, many food packaging inks available within the range.
  • Superior print head technology provides exact drop placement and high print quality using our Water and Ethanol based inks.
  • Minimal production disruption: Cartridge replacement is easy, service free with virtually no maintenance.
  • Bar-Coding of 1D, 2D Data-matrix and QR codes
  • Up top 4 print heads in four positions (or production lines) from one controller covering a radius of up to 50m

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